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Be Calm is a special mix of balanced natural elements that guarantee a calming and relaxing effect on "hot" and nervous horses, and on excitable stallions. It reduces stress and anxiety on young horses. It favours concentration and serenity ensuring a durable result over time.

Be Calm solves the complex sport horse problem of nervousness, panic, lack of concentration and stress.It often happens that many horses that give a good performance during training, perform below their ability during events and competitions because of the stress of transport, the commotion and the distraction of a different environment. Be Calm ensures the concentration of the horses so that they don't lose their reactivity and power.

Be Calm can be used with good results in: horses that are “spooky” in competition, horses that are too temperate during training, horses that are susceptible to stress, stallion used as sport horses.


Be Calm is a mixture of Magnesium Oxide, Triptofan and Vitamin B1 balanced which doesn't cause any addiction and ensures a lasting result over time. The special proportion of these three elements has been studied to give the horse serenity and relax and to maintain concentration, power and responsiveness to stimuli.



Ponies: 20 gr per animal per day mixed in the feed

Sport horses: 40 gr per animal per day mixed in the feed


For a maximum psychological relaxation 7 days before the race, give your horse Be Calm twice a day, 40 gr in the morning and 40 gr in the evening..



Tin containing 1 kg

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