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Artiflex provides a good support to joints and tendons flexibility. It is composed of 50% of glucosamine sulphate, thanks to which it favours cartilage and synovial fluid regeneration, improves joint mobility and contrasts the generation of inflammations.

It is recommended for elderly horses or horses with arthritis It is also advised for foals which have grown up quickly because it brings glucosamine sulphate and vitamin D3 which is fundamental for a proper development of the skeleton.

Artiflex is recommended as a preventing treatment of “osteo articular” pathologies for horses going through intense periods of stress, it maintains joints in good condition. Artiflex contrasts the generation of inflammations, favours cartilage regeneration and it improves joint mobility and flexibility. It stimulates also the production of synovial fluid. It gives balanced ratio nutrients necessary for the body of the horse in bioavailable way; in fact it really solves problems associated with bone, tendons, cartilage and synovial fluid.

Studies on the dietary supplement of glucosamine sulphate in horses affected by degenerative diseases which manifested drowsiness, showed that the use Artiflex for a period of 50/60 days generates significant improvements in the horses treated.



Artiflex enriches the feed with an important supply of specific substances which are essential to improve the horse locomotive system. Artiflex is composed for 50% of pure glucosamine sulphate which contrasts arthrosis, stimulates cartilage regeneration and give relief from joint pain. It contains ascorbic acid in high concentration that is essential for the proper functioning of the immune system and for collagen synthesis in the body, reinforcing blood vessels, muscles and bones. It supplies calcium carbonate and Vitamin D3 which is indispensable for proper mineralization of the skeleton and growth of the foal. Vitamin D3 also favours the absorption of calcium and its deposition in bone tissue.


Foals and Ponies: 20 gr per animal per day mixed in the feed
Horses: 40 gr per animal per day mixed in the feed


Give it to the horse every day at the same time (exactly every 24 hours), in order to maintain constant glucosamine sulphate level in the blood. It is recommended to use the product for cycles of at least 8 weeks every 3/4 months.



Tin containing 1 kg

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