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Go On is a powder concentration of branched chain amino acids and creatine monohydrate which promotes an increase of muscle mass and muscle power. It improves athletic performance and rapid energy recovery.

Thanks to the increase of the muscular cells number it ensures a durable result over time. It is recommended for stallions in reproductive and competitive activity, because it improves fertility and it contrasts decrease of performance.

Go On is a useful product for horses under any kind of training, both at the initial stage of the athletic preparation and to maintain an ideal muscle condition.You should use it when you want to increase both the muscle mass and the energy reserve. Go On also helps to: recover from muscular tears, improve performance, increase muscular mass, increase strength and endurance, speed up recovery periods.

Go On together with training, exercise and nutrition is excellent to get competition horses rapidly back to their former level after a period of rest or reduced work. It produces quickly noticeable results with a uniform development of muscles.


Go On is a dietary feed which increases muscular development. It is composed of 50% of creatine monohydrate and of over 25% of branched chain amino acids as Leucine, Valine and Isoleucine. In additional Go On contains vitamin C and vitamin E of primary quality.


Horses in recovery and Ponies: 25 gr per animal per day mixed in the feed

Sport horses: 40 gr per animal per day mixed in the feed


To achieve a fast result, give a double dose (80 gr) during the first week. Continue giving maintenance dosage (40 gr) at least for a period of 5/6 weeks.



Pail containing 1,5 kg

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