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Lacta Forte is a liquid buffer that neutralises lactic acid and is necessary for subjects which have suffered of “tying up”. It favours rapid recovery and reduces stiffness and muscular pain after hard work and intense effort.

Lacta Forte is an exceptional buffer that helps to prevent pain, cramping and stiffness of muscles after excessive lactic acid production. Acidosis may not only cause muscle stiffness but can also be the secondary cause of muscular disorders that can cause severe immobility to the horse. For these reasons it is really important not to underestimate muscle stiffness in order to prevent muscle and tendon injuries.



Lacta Forte is a liquid feed supplement that contains all the nutritional elements needed to counteract acidosis. It is based on Sodium Citrate and Citric Acid, these two elements help to prevent acidosis. Particularly the sodium concentration helps post-work recovery and stimulates the horse to drink more water by correcting dehydration. Lacta Forte also increases the renal function depurating it from the waste produced after intense physical work.



Ponies: 40 ml per animal per day mixed in the feed

Sport horses: 90 ml per animal per day mixed in the feed


In preparation for competitions and immediately after any intense physical effort, give 30 ml extra of Lacta Forte. Administer always water when you give Lacta Forte.



Bottle of 5 L


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