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P-Blok is a special nutritional support studied to provide relief to muscles and joints in distress. It supports sport horses to top performance without feeling pain. It supports the muscles and joints of the animals that are expected to give top performances.

P-Blok is doping-free and relieves in a completely natural way joints and muscles pain caused by hard physical exercises . It provides the nutrients necessary to the musculoskeletal horse system, and it is essential in maintaining the physical health of sport horses.

P-Blok is made entirely of natural elements, it doesn't contain chemical substances that prevent the horse from participating in competitions for some time.Given 3 hours before competitions it fights against muscular and joints pain, increasing the performance.



P-Blok is a special herbal and plant mix containing four key elements with a strong antiinflammatory and analgesic action. It is a completely natural product able to give relief within a short period of time to muscles and joints in distress. P-Blok does not contain any prohibited substances. It is considered the most effective supplements in its category.



Ponies: 15 gr per animal per day mixed in the feed

Sport horses: 30 gr per animal per day mixed in the feed


In order to stop the pain it is recommended to administer 30 g of product 3 hours before the veterinary inspection. Start the treatment 7 days before the race and continue until the last day.



Tin containing 800 gr

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