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Gold Tite is a clay paste with extracts of mountain arnica and menthol. It has a powerful astringent, anti-inflammatory, soothing, and refreshing action. It is particularly suitable for applications on joints and knees on muscular parts such as shoulders and neck, under the sole of the hoof gives relief and maintains the right moisture.

It can be applied on surface cuts and abrasions.



GOLD TITE is a totally natural anti-inflammatory paste made of a clay mix (kaolin and bentonite) with the addition of pure Arnica Montana and menthol. Kaolin is a white clay with an exceptional ability to absorb large amounts of gas and water, in combination with bentonite, in fact it is ideal for the re-absorption of sinuvial liquids that can appear after work. Arnica Montana has antiinflammatory, analgesic and anti-ecchymotic properties, so it is highly recommended to use Gold Tite in case of trauma. In addition the menthol has a refreshing action and gives the horse a cool effect for about 60 minutes.

Gold Tite acts as a helper for those problems related to the tendinous tissues and joints of the horse. Thanks to its powerful anti-swelling, relaxing and refreshing properties it should be   applied on tendons and joints after trainings or competitions. It can be utilized on a daily basis on those muscles and tendons that are mostly put under effort. Finally it can be applied as a wrap under the sole of the hoof. Gold Tite after being applied,it never dries up completely to ensure a prolonged action until removal.


Spread Gold Tite on the affected part and massage it carefully to favour the product absorption.


To achieve a muscular and tendons recovery, apply Gold Tite on the tendon and put a wet paper around the layer of clay, then bandage and leave to stand for 12 hours. For a quicker effect, apply Gold Tite on the affected leg and let it dry completely, then remove. For an optimal and easier removal, use water and brush.



Pail containing 4 kg -8 kg

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